Tool Bar help
Click contents to display a list of the table of contents in this issues, clicking any of the displayed items will take you to the begining page of that chapter.
You can do a key word search on the issue, the search results will show in a dialog with thumbs of the pages where the search term was found. Clicking the thumbs will navigate to that page.
You can share a link to this issues, via twitter or email. The share feature gives you the option of sharing a link to the issue or a link to any givin page with in the issue.
The Spreads tool will create a new PDF for download that aranges the pages in spread (2 page side by side) format. The resulting PDF will contain all links in the issue.
The PDF tool will allow you to choose one or several pages of the issues and then download a PDF version. The resulting PDF will contain web links that are in this issues.
Clicking the printer button will generate a pdf composed of selected pages for printing.
Click the Link tool will highlight all links on the page momentarily.
Clicking the Zoom Icon will Display a zoomed in version of the book. Once displayed you can pan around any of the pages. Double clicking the zoomed page will zoom out. Also double clicking any book page will zoom the page.

Thumbnail view will display this issues as a list of thumbnails. Then you can quickly navigate to the page of your choice by clicking on the thumbnail for that page

Entering a Page number in the text field will naviagate to that page.
Clicking the single arrow left will naviagate one page forward.
Clicking the single arrow left will naviagate one page forward.